Querying a Book

As you might know by now, I’ve written a contemporary fantasy novel, and it’s currently being queried. But what was the process to get to this point?

The Four C’s of Copy Editing

New copy editors take time learning them; seasoned copy editors keep them in mind with every job. But I think it’s good for writers to know what the four c’s are, too. That way, when you send your project off to a copy editor, you have a good sense of what they’re doing. So what are the four c’s?

Tips for Writer’s Block

Imagine this: you’ve come up with a writing project that you’re excited about. You sit down, get words on the page, and things are moving along nicely. And then you hit a snag. Writer’s block has appeared. So how can you fight it?


Blogging has been a little off-kilter the last couple of weeks, but I promise you’ll get a proper post on Monday. Until then, I’ve got an announcement to share!


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Mug and books on fallen leaves

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