Reverse Poems

I got really deep into the whole researching-poetry-styles hole these last couple of weeks, and while I was in that hole, I recalled a style that I love reading: the reverse poem.

5 Recently Developed Types of Poetry

While doing research for last week’s “10 Types of Poetry You Might Not Have Heard Of” post, I stumbled across a couple of forms that were developed pretty recently, and that got me thinking – what other forms are relatively new to the world?

10 Types of Poetry You Might Not Have Heard Of

Here in Canada, I grew up hearing and learning about certain types of poems, but what we’re taught in school is just a fraction of the poetry styles out there. Here are 10 types of poetry you might be unfamiliar with.

Writing and Editing Resources

Having resources at your disposal while writing and editing can be a huge help. But there are so many to choose from, and sometimes you might not be sure where to look. So, I’ve created a list of helpful places to start.


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