I’ve had the pleasure of working on some wonderful projects as a freelancer. Some have been published, others – such as projects meant as a gift, or meant just for the writer – have not been. Below are the projects that have been or will soon be published.

Pink and grey cover of the poetry collection Wanderer.

WANDERER by Court Young

Remember me
as a wanderer wild
with brilliant, untamed eyes
and a heart of golden fire.

Abstract blue, green, beige, and brown cover of poetry collection Ocean.

Ocean by Noah Thompson

There was a day when I couldn’t breathe …
so I wrote poems that breathed instead of me.

Heartbreak PSA by Al Frankie

Heartbreak PSA is a vulnerable exploration into all the things that break a young person’s heart. A delicate meditation on the nature of heartbreak in all of its forms as it is experienced through life: by lovers, by friends, by your own undoing. The themes trace the inception of love from insecurity, to passion, into pain and eventual depression. An intimate study of life’s intricate tides of loving and leaving. This is a poetic shelter for those who have experienced the cycle of love and loss, that is often compact with many lessons and emotional discovery.

Placeholder image for the poetry collection Many Moons and Motels.

Many Moons and Motels by Lexis Zenobia

Coming soon!