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Poetry & Picture Book Editor

Welcome, writers!

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What you write is special to you, as it should be. We’ll work together to make your project better, not different. I want you to be happy with the final results, which means I never forget just how special these poems and children’s stories truly are.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have something publication-pursuit worthy, whether that’s the route you want to take or not.

Meet Kaila!

I’m a freelance poetry and picture book editor who loves helping clients bring out the best in their writing. When I’m not editing, I’m likely writing, reading a fantasy novel, or dreaming about something fictional.

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~ Poetry editing services: developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, collection organization
~ Picture book editing services: copy editing and proofreading

What clients have to say

Kaila has edited my poems to improve them and make them shine. She not only checked grammar, syntax, and composition but also style and aesthetics. She has given me new confidence and inspired me to create better poetry of international standards. Her guidance and help have been like a lighthouse to a ship.

– Shiv Singh

It was a pleasure working with Kaila on my children’s book! I greatly appreciated her professionalism, kindness, and great communication and proofreading skills and would definitely hire her again!

– Amber Bajema, Maddie’s Colors

Open book with winter foliage on cream scarf.
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