September 9, 2022

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Hey folks!

Blogging has been a little off-kilter the last couple of weeks, but I promise you’ll get a proper post on Monday. Until then, I’ve got a little bonus post for you.

And by little post, I mean an announcement I’ve been waiting to share with you for a couple of months now (it took me a minute or ten to get myself in gear).

Kaila Desjardins Editing now has a Pinterest page!

It’s essentially the same content that you see here and on Instagram, but if you’re anything like me, having things that interest me on a designated Pinterest board is incredibly helpful. I’m also pinning content from other creators. Gotta share the knowledge and love!

There’s not much up there yet, but it’s coming along. There’s also the current technical issue of not being able to search for my page. I’ve reached out to Pinterest, so hopefully by the time you’re reading this the problem is resolved. (If it isn’t and you’ve had a similar issue, please let me know how it was fixed.)

Until that search issue is resolved, here’s the link to the page one more time:

Happy pinning!

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