15 Spring Writing Prompts

March 22, 2023

White printed paper with four white roses. Paper reads "spring." Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com.

It’s officially spring in the northern hemisphere! Flowers and rain and baby animals are just around the corner. Hopefully. Sometimes the flower part takes a while where I live.

But there’s still something fresh in the air, something quintessentially SPRING. And while winter is my favourite season, I’m certainly welcoming the shift.

Why not use that shift to inspire your writing? I’ve listed fifteen spring-themed writing prompts below for you to check out. Whether you write poetry or children’s picture books – or something else entirely! – I hope these ideas provide a creative springboard 😊 (No pun intended, but very much welcomed.)

  1. Blossoming flowers/a field of flowers
  2. Warmer days
  3. Grass creeping in through melting snow
  4. Birdsong
  5. Budding leaves
  6. Fresh air (consider playing with both touch and scent here!)
  7. Newborn animals
  8. Puddles – from rain and/or melting snow
  9. First spring storm
  10. Ice melting away from rivers/lakes/ponds
  11. Bright sunshine
  12. Playing/dancing in the rain
  13. Changing over your wardrobe
  14. Sense of renewal
  15. Movement you associate with spring (the word or the season)

If any of these inspire you, let me know! I’d love to see what you come up with (and help you clean it up if you’d like!).

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